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Master J Taekwondo Academy is committed to inspiring and empowering you to reach your full potential.

Our focus is on bringing you the best martial arts lessons in the Norwood area to give you the tools you need to defend yourself, maintain great health, and become the best version of yourself for a successful living. 

Master J Taekwondo Academy has earned the reputation in Norwood, as well as Norwood, Northvale, Old Tappan, Harrington Park, of being the top martial arts school for enriching our students’ lives and equipping them to face life with the winning edge.

Many people believe the martial arts are about just fighting, but our program is much, much more than that. When you train in our martial arts classes you take advantage of the best self-improvement system in the world.

Meet Our Founder

Head Master JaeJung Kim

Master Jay is an experienced Tae Kwon Do Master who has studied and participated in Tae Kwon Do competitively since elementary school. 

He has won many championship sparing titles including, Chun-Cheon Korean Open Championship and Korean University Championship. Master Jay brings his 10+ years of competitive sparring to Master J Tae Kwon Do Academy.

He is an accomplished Master who has been instructing students in the United States since 2010. Master Jay brings his wealth of knowledge and experience to his students in Norwood, NJ.

He is meticulous in his teaching methods and treats all students, their families and instructors as if they are his own family. He supports and helps all achieve their individual goals. Whether it’s helping his students build confidence, discipline & focus or bringing championship caliber students to nationally recognized events, Master Jay produces results.

His school has been recognized at the

-2014 Kukkiwon Cup Best School

-2016 President’s Cup Best School & 1st Place Demo Team

-2018 NY Open Championship Best School

-2019 Big East Championship Best School

-2019 Garden State Cup Best School & Sparring Team Tag Match 1st Place.

Jaejung Kim


Meet Our Head Instructors

Isaac Oak

3rd Degree Black Belt

Senior Assistant Instructors

Jun Sim

4th Degree Black Belt

Isabell Yanogacio

3nd Degree Black Belt

Rihyun Sim

3rd Degree Black Belt

Evan Kim

3rd Degree Black Belt

Valerie Veras

3rd Degree Black Belt

Hannah Shin

3rd Degree Black Belt

Chloe Song

3rd Degree Black Belt

Junior Assistant Instructors

Amy Choe

3rd Degree Black Belt

Dylan Song

3rd Degree Black Belt

Claire Sim

3rd Degree Black Belt

Shinjee Park

2nd Degree Black Belt

See the Results for Yourself

What people are saying about Master J Taekwondo Academy

Ryan Her
Ryan Her
My 6 yo has been going there for a while now. Master J and his staff are all very friendly people and genuinely care about the kids.
Raphael Kang
Raphael Kang
My son has been attending to Master J TKD academy for about 7 month. He enjoys and loves learning from Master J. More importantly, my son’s confidence improves every week. I highly recommend Master J.
Chong Han
Chong Han
If you're looking for a Taekwondo academy this is the one!!! My son has been attending Master J's sessions for 6 and half years now he's been loving it. Master J is VERY PROFESSIONAL yet entertaining, which creates a very safe and fun environment for the kids.
Hands down the best Taekwondo academy in Bergen Country. My kids have tried many different places but it is very clear Master J runs his program in the most professional and effective way. My kids are consistently excited and motivated not just for tarkwondo classes but every another competitive activities they are involved in thanks to Master J and his teaching methods. 10/10 recommend.
J Lee
J Lee
My son has been going to Master J and learning taekwondo for over 3 years. In first grade, Master J made it very fun for the kids to learn in a safe, nurturing environment. As he grew in his skill and maturity, Master J knew when to be stern and focus more on form. Taekwondo is still my son's happy place where he learns to be brave, focus and enjoy his youth.
Sumee Cha
Sumee Cha
Master J and his staff are absolutely amazing. They are very professional and great with kids. My son has been improving his focusing and building confidence during past months. Highly recommend for anyone who wants to learn taekwondo in safe environment.
Kyounghwan kim
Kyounghwan kim
I absolutely love Master J’s way of teaching Taekwondo. Every class is an enjoyment experience. Students can have a lot of fun learning with great emphasis to proper form and technique. I would highly recommend this school to all prospect students.
Samuel Yi
Samuel Yi
This school is very clean and provides a friendly environment for the children and students who learn here.

Master J Taekwondo Academy

Although many people think the martial arts are just about fighting, the truth is that the physical “kicking and punching” are really just the tools that I use to teach the more important, and MUCH more valuable lessons about yourself.

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